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    Our club provides netball opportunities for all students and alumni of John XXIII College who want to play, umpire or coach, and welcome all ages, levels of experience and ability.

    Our club values friendship, community spirit, teamwork and respect to all members – from our volunteers to our umpires and parents.

    John XXIII College Netball Club has approximately 300 registered players, many of whom are playing for the school for the first time. We have players spanning eleven scholastic years resulting in 34 teams. John XXIII College Netball Club is one of the most represented Clubs in finals each year.

    Our Club

    John XXIIII College Netball Club was established to run and promote the game of netball. All JTC students are welcomed to our club which has over 300 registered members ranging from Year 2 to Alumni

    Game Day Locations
    Our Committee

    Club Coordinator                           Milissa Jagers
    Treasurer                                          Joanne Barbour
    Registrar                                           Michelle Paterson
    Secretary                                          Helen Loveridge 

    Equipment Coordinator             Sarah Fitzhardinge   
    Years 7 – 9 Liaison                         Cheryl Hughes
    Years 10 – 12 Liaison                      Sonja Cavallaro
    Primary School Liaison               Aizhan Greenwood

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